Deleted Photo Recovery From Digital Camera

Digital camera is a camera that commonly stores images in a digital mode instead of recording them in the form of movie. In this era, people have started using digital camera for taking pictures rather than using traditional film camera. The main advantage of using digital camera is that it take less time in making photos and is also inexpensive. A digital camera also uses a USB cable in order to connect the device to the phones, PC or any other device. There are a number of popular brands of camera used by most of the people such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Samsung, Sigma, Kodak, Minolta, Fuji, Epson, Olympus, Panasonic, Mamiya etc. All the images clicked by a digital camera get stored in a number of picture file formats including JPEG/JFIF, TIFF, Exif, PNG, BMP, GIF, PPM, PBM, PGM, PNM, HDR rater formats, WEBP, BPG, HEIF etc.


Below is the List of Few Digital Camera Errors

ErrCF/ CardErr / Folder number full

User might get the above error message in two conditions:

  • If space remaining on the card detected.
  • The other condition may be the number of file number that reaches 9999 and number of folder reaches 999.

NoCF/ No CF Card / No Card in Camera

Error Description:

The above error message can be flashed due to following factors :

  1. If you try to format the memory card without installing Compact Flash memory card.
  2. If you open the camera in order to click photos without inserting Compact Flash memory card.
  3. Other possibility of this error is when you hit the shutter button and at the same time Compact Flash memory card has not installed.

F—error message

Most of the time, this error message is restricted to Nikon DSLR cameras, as a result of it is associated with a lens error. Specifically, the F–error message notifies that the lens and camera don’t seem to be communicating. Make sure that the lens is locked into place. If you can not create this explicit lens work, attempt a distinct lens to visualize whether or not the F– error message continues.

FEE Error Message

The FEE error message on a Nikon camera point out that the digital camera is unable to shoot the picture at the aperture you have selected. Flip the manual aperturering to the best variety, which must rectify the error messages. Permit the digital camera to pick the apDSLRerture automatically in order to take the picture at a proper mode.

“Information” Icon Error Message

In case you see an “i” in a circle, that is an errors message that specifies one of three possible errors.

a) First, the battery might get exhausted, you must charge it.
b) Secondly, the memory card must be locked or full. Search for a small toggle and further activate the card, and switch to “unlocked” position in order to resolve this error message.
c) The camera may also point out on one of the subjects of the image blinked when the photo get changed into slot that allow you to shoot the picture again.

Record Movie Error Message

This type of error message generally means that your Nikon DSLR is unable to transfer data to the memory card fast enough to record it. This is the most common problem with almost type of memory card. You are required a memory card along with a with a faster write speed.

Shutter Release Error Message

This kind of error message occurred in your Nikon DSLR camera that specifies a jammed shutter release. Look out for the shutter button of any foreign object that might get jammed the shutter button. You should clean the button and try again.

This Image Cannot Be Deleted Error Message

The picture you are attempting to delete has been covered through the software in the digital camera. Just you need to put off the protection label from the picture before you delete them.

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Features Of Deleted Photo Recovery

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