Deleted Photo Recovery From Memory Card

sd_card_recoveryFlash memory cards have become a requirement for those people carrying MP3 players, pocket camcorders, digital cameras and smartphone etc in order to run their digital life smoothly. A memory card also known as a flash memory card is a type of storage medium that is used to store data like audio, pictures, video and other media files. There are a number of memory cards available in the market that includes the CF card (CompactFlash card), the SD card (secure digital card), the Memory Stick, the SmartMedia card and the MMC (MultiMediaCard). Each of these memory cards vary in sizes and are made available in a range of storage capacities. With the help of memory cards you can easily transfer data or files between devices and PC. Usually, people save or store all the captured photos in the memory card and hence there are a lot of memory cards available in the market to store more and more photos. But unfortunately, due to some reason if the photos or other files saved in the memory card get lost or deleted. That is a worst and painful situation for any who lost their photos from memory card due to any reason. However, in order to get the lost of deleted photos back you can use deleted photo recovery software and effectively recover all your photos in its original form.


For some reason memory card generates error messages like card locked, memory card error, card error or any other type of error code. Some of the memory card error have been discussed below :

1. Card Cannot Be Used Error Message

Sometimes a message is displayed by the camera that the memory card can’t be used. In that scenario we confuse that what the problem is. After recieving this message the first step should be turn off the camera and back on and ensuring that busy light of the camera is not on. Then the user can press the camera’s playback button and can view the photos and videos. But if the problem still persist then the user should make a back up of the memory card in computer and should format the card.

2. Memory Card Is Write Protected or Locked

SD card possess a lock system which don’t allow memory to be stored in the card when the lock is “on”. If the user tries to record photos or videos in the card when the lock is “on” then a message will be shown that memory card is write protected an locked.

3. Missing or Unreadable Files

The memory card may look like working fine recording all the photos and videos captured by the camera. But some of the photos or videos may be invisible or unreadable. An external solution is required in that case to solve the problem. The first step is to recover the data of memory card by data recovery software. Good data recovery software are capable of restoring lost photos and videos.

4. FULL (blinks)

This type of memory card error generates when memory become full and has not enough space to further record or save more and more photos. Insufficient memory is the main cause of this error.

5. Damaged or Corrupted Card

Memory cards are sensitive and gets damaged easily. Different factors like submerging in water and subjecting the card to extreme hot or cold can corrupt the memory card or damage it. The memory card can be used in such cases. The best one could hope is to recover the data from that damaged or corrupt card. So it’s recommended to use a data recovery tool or take help of a data recovery specialist.

6. Memory Card Runs Slowly

Sometimes it seems that the memory card is transferring data more slowly than normal. This can’t be a card problem for sure in such cases. As mentioned earlier, every memory card is provided with speed rating which indicates that how quicker the photos and videos can be transferred from the card to another storage device. So the transfer time will be longer for low speed rating cards and more for high speed rating cards.

Recover Lost Photos Using Deleted photo recovery Software

Deleted Photo Recovery is an ultimate and complete solution that recovers movies, photos, songs, images and other multimedia files that get deleted or lost because of data format or corruption from media storage device like memory cards, internal or external drive etc.

Some of the Key Features of Deleted Photo Recovery are as Follows

  1. This software recovers all the corrupted or lost photos from memory cards, external drives, digital camera and external drives.
  2. This tool smartly do the scanning of storage devices having the storage capability of 2TB.
  3. This tool provide the facility to preview and save the recovered files by their original file names.
  4. JPEG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, Mamiya (MOS, MEF), Picture File (PCT), Paint look professional Image File (PSP) are the imageformats supported by this tool.
  5. This tool preview and recover any deleted, inaccessible or lost video files, without affecting their visual quality. It provide support for the video files that includes Matroska Video File (MKV), MP4, AVI, 3GP, AVCHD Video File (MTS), MPEG, MOI Video File, Divx Encoded flick File (DIVX), ASX, OGG Media Player (OGM), Video Object File (VOB), 3G2.
  6. Supports audio formats such as AU, RPS, WAV, MP3, OGG, MIDI, RM, AIFF, M4P WMA, M4A and RA.
  7. The software recovers all of your lost media files (audio, video, movie) from any type of camera model and brands that includes Epson, Sony, Kodak, Nikon, Pentax, Canon, Minolta, Samsung, Fuji, Sigma, Mamiya, Olympus and Panasonic etc.
  8. This software helps you in order to successfully recover images you lost them due to deleting or formatting your SD card, hard drive or memory card without creating an effective backup of the image.