Stellar Photo Recovery Software Reviews

With the evolution in technology, its become quite easy to get back lost or deleted photos. Whatever may be the reason of lost or corruption/deletion of photos, Stellar Photo recovery works incredible. Stellar is one of the well-known company for providing data recovery services and solutions since 1993. This software hand over users 100% risk free data retrieval. It has around 2 million satisfied clients in Europe, USA and India. The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified. It has also been honored as best CIO CHOICE for offering best data recovery solution.

Stellar Photo Recovery is an elegant and prominent software that award victory on recovery of all your lost or corrupted/deleted photos from all types of electronic devices. Using this one, you can perform recovery of lost or deleted photos, videos and other multimedia files. It can easily retrieve data from hard drive of computer and other storage device such as external hard drives, memory cards, USB drives etc.Its processing is very fast and you get all your lost photos within few minutes. Although, this tool is design in very simple manner but when it comes upon capability, it is highly efficient in restoring lost photos without any mess up of data. Its algorithm is made under guidance of professional experts with easily recognizable methods and steps. This software is comprised of all essential features which helps in recovery of photos quickly without any hassle. It supports both Windows and Mac operating system.

In order to know more about Stellar Photo Recovery Software, lets have glimpse of its astonishing features.

1. Interface – Stellar photo recovery software is one of the amazing tool which easily navigate. It doesn’t acquires lots of efforts from user. It is very flexible as you just need to follow few simple steps to perform recovery of lost or corrupted/deleted files.

2. Speed – This software takes time to work effectively. Though its program is running in the background without any issue. Relative to the size of drive, it may take one or two hours to sort out deleted files. You may also makes software run faster by switiching to Advance Scan mode if you know the type of file you want to recover. Generally, it includes raw formats, along with TIFFs and JPEGs.

3. Performance – This tool is wonderful as it restored nearly thirty gigabytes of deleted images from 32 GB memory card.

4. Lost File Recovery – The most common scenario of data loss occurs when user accidentally deleted a photo and emptied trash bin. In addition, file registry entry corrupted through malware attack. It has record of 51% for veector image, 83% for production image and 66% for camera raw image.

5. Recovery from 2 TB Hard Drives – It is designed to work with storage media having 2 TB capacity. This software performs advanced scan up to 2 TB of storage space at once without affecting media or the essential data. With this, you can retrieve photos lost from any high-capacity enterprise drives and other removable media.

6. Supports New File Types – The software has enhanced its ability by extending support for twenty new digital media file types. Further, you are allowed to add your own file headers to the list of predefined ones for greater flexibility.

7. Ease of use – Stellar Photo Recovery is very easy to use. Once the installation completed, it is ready to register and scan within a few minutes.You can easily get the scan button and start scanning proces. Only three mouse clicks requires after you pick the drive you want to scan. After that it recovers files with original names.


John Milford (Seo, Technical writer) – Recently, I had deleted some of my important files accidentally from SDHC card including photos, audios, videos etc. To be fairly, I just prefer Stellar photo recovery software to recover all deleted photos without any distortion. Even, it requires very less effort in order to retrieve back lost or corrupted files.

Elvira Sinovia – Hi guys, Nearly 1 week ago, while I was transferring my anniversary photos from camera to laptop, i found an error message that I couldn’t open files. Its very painful for me as they are means a lot to me. Then I search online tools to recover photos. Thanks to stellar data recovery software using that i retrieve my lost pictures effortlessly.