User Guide – Deleted Photo Recovery

The Photo Recovery Software uses the advanced and powerful algorithm to recover deleted music, photos, images, songs, movies and other data files from hard drive, memory card, and other storage devices. It can be also be used to recover deleted photos from camera and recovers HD MOV files. This software supports the scanning of the devices having capacity up to 2 TB. This software is compatible with all versions of Windows operating system like Windows 7 / 8 / 9 or Windows XP/ Vista and the latest versions of Windows Operating system.

Installation Guide Of Photo Recovery Software for Windows

1. Download and Install Software – Download and install the photo recovery software in your Windows PC to recover the deleted photos.
2. Select the Drive to Scan – After installing the software you need to select the drive from where the photos have been lost to start the recovery process.
3. Select Media – Select the storage device to scan the lost photos, audio and video files and click on Advance scan to configure advance scan.
4. Select File Format and Drive Region – A list of file will be displayed on the advanced scan window and select the data to recover from the storage device.
5. Scanner – It will take sometime to perform a scan of the selected drive to recover the deleted photos.
6. Preview Option- After scanning, the list of files recovered from the storage device will be displayed and preview the files to save in a specific folder.
7. Save File – You need to choose the location to save the recovered photos and you can save the recovered file along with their original file name.

Installation Guide Of Photo recovery Software On Mac operating system

Download and Install Software – Download and install photo recovery softwares on the Mac operating system to recover your lost photos.
Select Media– You need to select the media for recovery from where the photos have been lost
Select desired File -Then you need to select the desired file that you wish to recover from the list to recover lost images.
Scanner – It will take sometime to start the scanning of the drive and a folder will be saved in the drive of the system.
Preview– Once the scanning process is successfully completed then you can check the recovered images by clicking on preview button.
Save File- Click on Recover button to save your file on your Mac PC.